Who Is the Wordjanitor?

My superpower is content and delivery. I’m a writer, storyteller, editor, social media geek, and marketer. I utilize content and channels to create user journeys to help businesses tell their stories and engage with their audiences.

The Origin of the Name Wordjanitor

A super-nerdy tech magazine called Unixworld, hired me as a copy editor. I went into it thinking, “These people get paid to write; how hard can this be?” And quickly learned that all writers need editors. I had plenty to keep me busy turning manuscripts into clean copy. I coined myself the wordjanitor as I was, I realized, a cleaner of words.

What I’ve Done and What I Do

I’ve written marketing collateral, web copy, blog posts, social media, presentations, video scripts, and book chapters. I’ve developed style guides, content specs, authoring templates, journey maps, social campaigns, information architecture, and workflows. I’ve edited all those things and anything else someone has asked me to review. I’ve been a strategist, manager, mentor, trainer, and deliverer of comic relief.

A Bit of Background

A true Silicon Valley native born 1.8 miles from the original HP Garage, I’ve been surrounded by high-tech since it became “a thing.” I learned BASIC programming in grade school on a PET computer with an external cassette tape drive. And I remember when the land where my Cisco office stood was an orange grove. (And that doesn’t make me all that old…)

In the world beyond work, I live in rural Northern California with my family, dogs, chickens, and a motorcycle. I laugh. A lot. I travel to Vietnam and Namibia with International Extremity Project, a nonprofit medical mission. I started the Cisco corporate team for the March of Dimes, which had raised more than $6 million last time I checked.

“I’d rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.”

e.e. cummings
A cryptic portrait of Wordjanitor. Basically, me hiding behind my hand.

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