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Making a major business technology purchase isn’t something you can take lightly. And I don’t know anyone who would. It’s not the same as buying a new TV or a new phone. Those usually aren’t impulse decisions. You’ve done your research. But if it’s not what you want, you can quickly unplug the TV and exchange it for a different model. Or live with your new phone, call it mean names for the two years of your mobile contract, and make a different choice next time.

But business technology decisions affect people, processes, budgets. Deploying new tech means dealing with transitions, integration, implementation, and all that goes with those. And unlike “behind closed doors” technology that lives in the secret work of network admins, unified communications touches everyone in your business – from your employees to your customers and everyone between. And your contact center? You don’t need me to tell you how important that is.

These are the purchases that require trust: Trust in the products, trust in the vendor, and trust that your future needs are always part of the equation.

These are the purchases that require trust: Trust in the products, trust in the vendor, and trust that your future needs are always part of the equation.

Like making a purchase decision isn’t always simple, neither is deciding that it’s time to make one. Whatever brings you to shop for new tech is much more than an empty milk carton in the refrigerator. Maybe you fit into one of these scenarios:

Whatever the reason, it’s rarely easy. And somehow, if you’re a linchpin in the decision process, you’ll lose some sleep along the way. (If not you, someone on your team will…) Personally, I’m a fan of sleep. I like it. It’s important. Let us help you minimize that lost sleep.

Let’s not dance around it. Avaya’s recent announcements have put a lot of people into the decision process. Change and uncertainty usually do.

Let’s not dance around it. Avaya’s recent announcements have put a lot of people into the decision process. Change and uncertainty usually do. So then, what to do next? I’m not bold enough to say, “Hey, come on over and write me a check right now.” That’s not how this works. It’s not an overnight decision. You have to figure out who you trust with your unified communications and customer care solutions. And to get there means asking a lot of questions – and getting the answers you need.

Trust Cisco for Unified Communications

The industry recognizes Cisco as a leader in unified communications. We have over 15 years of experience implementing solutions for organizations of all sizes across industries, worldwide. And we don’t sit still. We’re focused on a cycle of constant innovation to improve everything we do, always emphasizing the user experience.

Does Cisco offer unified communications solutions? Yes. We have comprehensive, fully supported unified communications solutions based on proven voice, video, messaging, and mobility. We offer a range of cloud, on-premises, hosted, and hybrid solutions, including Cisco Spark, Cisco Business Edition packaged solutions, and customer care.

What should I do if I’m considering a move from my current vendor? This is a great time for a conversation with us. Together with our extensive network of partners, we’re available to talk you through your particular concerns, help you come up with development plans, and mitigate risks as you move forward.

Are there special programs to help me move to Cisco? We have several programs to help you move to Cisco, from technology migration discounts to try-and-buy offers and adoption services. Our partners can advise you regarding which ones best suit your needs.

What are some of your differentiators against Avaya? Cisco is leading the industry, with significant investments in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid unified communications solutions.

What are the differences between the Business Edition packaged solutions? It’s all about you and what you need.

Do Cisco solutions work alongside our existing Avaya investments? Our partners have great experience migrating from Avaya to Cisco and can work with you to plan your migration. We believe an end-to-end Cisco solution delivers the best experience and increases the effectiveness of communications and collaboration in your organization. But, we realize that you may need a phased approach.

What support can you offer? Our services team can help you plan every step of your journey, from planning, design, implementation, and adoption to ongoing support. Once your system is running, Software Support Service (SWSS) provides access to upgrades and global 24×365 access to our Technical Assistance Center. Cisco Smart Net Total Care™ Service provides options for 2-hour, 4-hour, or next-business-day advance hardware replacement. Likewise, our partners also offer a wide range of value-added services.

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