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I’m a storyteller at heart. It all started with silly little stories as a kid, The Onion-style “where are they now” satirical exposes on Muppet characters in high school, and the obligatory overwrought poetry of a college English major. And now, in addition to all the other cool content things I do, I blog.

See the blog section of this site for posts on content strategy.

In my previous roles, I’ve written solutions content, leadership and corporate culture stories, competitive articles, research summaries, and event coverage. In addition, I’ve ghost-written for execs, delivered training to teams, and done 1:1 coaching.

Blog Management

Beyond authoring and editing posts, I handled the behind-the-scenes elements for both Cisco Collaboration and Pure Storage, managing: 


Wherever I go, I take the opportunity to participate in blogging as an author. Visit my author pages on Cisco Collaboration, Pure Storage, and Five9 where some of my more popular posts still live happily ever after.

Supporting Competitive Campaigns

These posts served as the core content and call to action for social and digital campaigns focused on specific competitors.

Extending the Reach of Events

As much energy as you put into preparing for events, only a sliver of your customers and prospects attend. During events, I use daily wrap-up posts to reach beyond the expo hall and provide the online audience with coverage, context, and calls to action. Following events, I’ve found that converting executive presentations into a series of posts can increase the reach and longevity of the message, integrate it into broader content strategies, and boost the speaker’s brand equity as a thought leader.

In addition to rapid-fire live Tweeting during events, I write daily wrap-up posts to bring highlights and perspective to a broader audience.

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